Mr. Juarez started practicing law in Washington state in 1974; after he graduated from the University of Washington Law School year 1974.
He has been licensed in the state of New Mexico ever since (license granted in 1975).
Over the past 38 years, Mr. Juarez would continue to alternately call Seattle, Washington state, and New Mexico home, and proceed to represent clients in both.
Currently, Mr. Juarez’s law practice located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Yet he continues to represent clients in criminal cases across the United States.

In addition to graduating from the University of Washington in 1974, Mr. Juarez attended undergraduate school at Eastern New Mexico University (Bachelor of Arts, 1971).

As early as his professional career in the 1970s, Defendor Santiago Juarez was addressing legal issues in Latin American immigration following government revolutions during those years, war refugees, criminal justice near immigration, and more.
His work saved the lives of many of the ”middlemen” from the political wars.
He’s doing than and now made the provision of a life of quiet and democracy in the United States.

Mr. Juarez is a real fighter; he’s a person of justice and human rights.
In this timeline, it isn’t straightforward to find people who do their work from a moral and social mission as Mr. Juarez.